There are many ways to find a good job.  First you need to start with a custom cover letter and resume.  Please note even if the job ad only says “ fax or e-mail your resume” you should also send a cover letter if you want to make the best first impression.  Once you are ready to start applying, you need to know how to send your documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, HTML, etc) and if you should post them to a job search website.  We will explain what you need to know to apply for jobs, whether that is online, through networking, or using a staffing agency or recruiter.

Ways to apply:

  • Job Search Websites – based on your individual needs, we will recommend specific sites to use
  • Executive Recruiters who specialize in every industry and at every management level
  • Local Staffing Agencies for part-time or full time employment
  • Visit the corporate website for the company you want to work for

Do you know how to navigate your search and post your resume to the most popular job search websites:

Industry or position specific websites:

Executives or other job titles that pay $100,000 or more can search for jobs on:

In addition to searching popular job boards, don’t forget to go directly to a company’s website and look for their Careers, Jobs, or Employment page.  If they have an online employment application, you must fill that out in addition to uploading your cover letter and resume.

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