Specializing in custom resume writing that gives you the competitive edge you need to stand out over the hundreds (this number is not an exaggeration) of resumes an employer can receive for just one job opening.  We have had more than one client tell us they were not getting interviews until they started using the cover letter and resume we created for them.

Resume Writing

  • We create resumes utilizing a one-on-one interview consultation to identify your strengths and key skill sets to differentiate your resume from generic, template designed resumes.
  • Update or polish existing resumes or CVs (if our full service is not needed)
  • Free resume critiques
  • Same day service may be available and incurs a rush fee

We provide Professional Resumes and Cover Letters as well as:

  • Executive Profiles, Biographies, and Curriculum Vitaes (CV)
  • Thank You Notes, Follow-up Letters, and Reference Pages
  • Job Search Advice
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Checks and Cash (including Venmo app by PayPal)

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1: How do I get started?
2. I don’t have a resume to send you. How can I proceed?
I already have a resume. I just want you to rewrite or improve it.
How long will it take you to prepare my resume?
How can I be sure that your resumes are of top quality?
How do I pay for the services you provide?
7. How much does it cost?
How do I contact you?

1. How do I get started?
Please send us your last resume and cover letter or any notes you have.  You can e-mail your current resume, job descriptions, or job ad you are interested in. We will contact you to discuss your specific needs and then set up a phone or in-person interview. You will then receive drafts of your resume and cover letter by email (fax or mail also available). If you have changes, we will make the necessary edits and revisions to customize your documents.

2.  I don’t have a resume. How can I proceed?
If you do not have an old resume, you can fill out a questionnaire. Not all sections of the questionnaire need to be filled out, so to save time contact us first. We can determine if you should use the “short form” for those with shorter careers (which we can email you) or our more in depth career questionnaire.

3.  I already have a resume. I just want you to add my new information or polish it.
Please send us your resume and we can provide a personalized quote.  If you don’t need a major overhaul, we may be able to quote an editing fee.  If the resume requires more work, we will discuss the project in detail so you can decide what works best for you. Please email your cover letter and resume to sdresumes@yahoo.com and don’t forget to let us know what job titles you want to apply to. Please put your first and last name in the subject of the email so we can easily identify your correspondence.

4.  How long will it take you to prepare my resume and cover letter?
Resume projects are usually completed in 5 business days but same day service may be available in some cases, with a rush fee.

5.  How can I be sure that your resumes are of top quality?
We hold the industry certification of Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). I personally conduct all interviews and write your resume.  We never rely on resume templates or software. Take a look at our samples. If our work does not meet your vision, let us know during the collaborative editing session and we will revise your resume with more input from you. We will revise it until you are satisfied with the results during our 30 day editing period.

6.  How do I pay for the resume writing services?
You can pay using any major credit card such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA.  Other methods include check, cash or cash transfer.

7. How much does it cost?
A professional resume project typically ranges between $295-$495 for employee level projects. Manager resumes range from $500 to $600, and Director/Vice President positions start at $750+ as management projects take more time.  We also offer C-Level executive resume writing services. Of course we also offer entry level services for high school and college students.

There are companies that charge less but make sure to ask for their qualifications, such as years of experience, if they have a college degree, and most importantly if they have a resume certification, such as CPRW or NCRW. Without a certification, the verbiage “professional resume writer” means nothing in our industry.

8.  How do I contact you?
Please e-mail us your information: sdresumes@yahoo.com or call 760-942-9843.

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