Research “recruiters” carefully

When you are job seeking, especially if you are unemployed at the time, it can be very exciting to have a recruiter call you with a potential job.  However, you must diligently research the recruiter before giving them too much information.

There is a scam going on where a recruiter contacts you and requests your resume – of course they say you are perfect for the job.  Then they say that your resume does not upload into their ATS. They are doing this for one of two reasons.  Either they are not a recruiter and they just want to convince you to hire “a resume company they know of” that they say they have no affiliation with, but they do.  There is no job – they just want you to think there is a job, and that your resume is not up to par, and get you to pay for a below average company to redo your resume.

The second reason is even more alarming. Although the recruiter may have a website, and even press releases or other social media, it is all fake! They are trying to steal your personal information.  Here is a link to a Fortune magazine article that probes further into this issue:

The Ghost in the VC Machine

There are many legitimate recruiters.  Just make sure to do your research: carefully check their website (some websites list when they were created at the bottom of the home page). Look at consumer review sites like Yelp and if there are no reviews or only recent reviews for this year I would be very cautious.  Look at their personal profile on LinkedIn. Even google their mailing address to see the physical building. Lastly, you can check the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints.

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